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Pure Good is a corporate catering business that dishes up super affordable, deliciously wholesome and ethically produced meals to working professionals in Cape Town. We’re a purpose-driven organisation defined by four core values:

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  • Pure Good makes eating healthy easy, simple and incredibly delicious. I never liked lettuce in my salad until I had a Pure Good salad. They are always willing to go the extra mile with a smile.
    Tisa Kapwata
    Academic Support Officer
  • PureGood is the bomb! Quality ingredients, delicious menu items updated regularly, unbeatable pricing and amazing customer service. Maintaining such a healthy diet with all the demands of work and life would have been impossible if not for Shannon and her rocking team. It's an added bonus knowing my purchases benefit the community where much of the produce is grown.
    Michael Spreckley
    Consumer Insights Analyst
  • The food styles and tastes are always varied, so it never feels like you're eating at a run-of-the-mill office canteen. The Pure Good team treat each individual as their most important customer, adding a really personal touch to their offering.
    Ryan Dix-Peek
    Learning Technology Manager
  • I feel so privileged to have the option to buy lunch at Pure Good every day. Very few offices provide the opportunity for employees to purchase such healthy, tasty, and affordable meals, and it gives me such peace of mind to know that I can come to work without worrying about whether I will be able to buy something healthy to eat from the canteen. I follow a predominantly vegan diet, and Shannon and her team are always willing to go the extra mile to cater to my needs, with a good selection of vegan options being made available to choose from each week. I would highly recommend Pure Good's food.
    Cristal Houston-McMillan
    Learning Designer
  • Having Pure Good in our office has changed the way I eat! It has helped me save money and eat healthier at the same time. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and my diet is healthier. Win, win, win!
    Rodney du Preez
    PPC Manager
  • I used to make my own lunches. Now I don't. With Pure Good I eat tasty, healthy lunches and breakfasts, and when I am home alone, take away dinners too! Great food and fun people
    Ryan O'Mahoney
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Aside from knowing that Pure Good make great decisions when it comes to the sourcing of ingredients, sustainable farming practices and the best of the best - their food is super delish! You know the food is coming from a great place, it's cooked with lots of love and delivered in a delicious and nutritious way. Having options available if you're watching your waist line or going gluten-free is great and Shan and her team are happy to accommodate you as best as possible.
    Jade Methven
    Marketing Operations Coordinator
  • As social beings, sharing meals together is an integral part of the way we forge bonds and strengthen ties. At GetSmarter, we care a lot about our culture, and the Pure Good team have become a cornerstone of it. Healthy meals, friendly service and great friendships are staple standards with this wonderful company.

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