10 ways to boost your energy in 10 minutes

10 ways to boost your energy in 10 minutes

As the weather begins to cool down and your New Year’s resolutions become distant memories, you’re probably beginning to find that your energy is waning and your enthusiasm is fizzling.

Getting up for work might be turning into more of a chore than you’d like and you’re finding it increasingly difficult to commit to your fitness goals – because really, who wants to run at 6am when the sun hasn’t even made it out yet?

But the reality is, you need to keep your body and mind sharp if you want to keep yourself happy and satisfied. The good news is, you don’t have to go at it alone.

Here are 10 ways you’ll be able to boost your energy in 10 minutes or less, giving you more time to be productivity and make the most of your day.

10 ways to boost your energy, quickly

  1. Drink more water: this solution is two-fold. Firstly, dehydration doesn’t help your fatigue so drinking more water will boost your energy. Secondly, getting up from your desk to get a glass of water means you’re giving your body and your eyes a break from the desk.
  2.  Sing on your way to work: if you’re feeling extra low on energy in the morning, trade in the podcasts for your favourite playlists. When you’re singing along to your karaoke special, you’re reducing your stress levels and waking yourself up.
  3. Grab a green juice: at Pure Good we love our juices. Swapping out your daily cappuccino for a spinach and kale mix is one way to give you a nutrient boost but also keeping you going for longer.
  4. Look at your posture: sitting at your desk all day is no good for your back. You’ll find as the day moves along and your energy drops, you’ll be hunched over. Take a second to stop and think about your posture – sitting up straight sends blood back to your brain and gives you an instant energy lift.
  5. Sneak in a midday workout: All you need is 10 minutes of your lunch break to get away from the cubicles and moving. If your office has a gym make the most of it, or try and get out into the sun for a brisk walk. Studies show that the productivity earned from this quick fix is worth more than the time spent away from your desk.
  6. Take a power nap: head out to your car for a 10 min break. Short naps will help you get through the day without costing you too much time or messing with your natural sleep cycle.
  7. Sprinkle on some chia seeds: add them to a salad or a yoghurt for a burst of Vitamin B, fibre and protein – all designed to help you get a boost in energy without throwing back the caffeine.
  8. Breath in: often your fatigue is caused by stress levels. One way to avoid that and to increase your energy in the process, is to take a few minutes out and breath. Inhaling deeply into your stomach before a long exhalation will calm your mind and body down.
  9. Grab a handful of nuts: nuts are full of magnesium which helps your body convert sugar into energy. Grabbing a handful as a snack is a quick and healthy way to pick your spirits up.
  10. Laugh it off: take a 5 minute break from your spreadsheets and head over to YouTube. Whether you like cats in human clothes or babies making a mess, watching a video that makes you laugh will instantly put you in a better mood and up your energy levels.


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