Food trends are like fashion – they come and go, speak to the times and when not trending appear passé and not-so-fresh. After trawling the net, we’ve come across some fascinating and some truly bizarre trends that are making their way onto our dinner plates this year including the not-so-new-but-now-hot kid on the block – the pea (said to be very high in protein) as well as bugs! According to international food and restaurant consultants, 2015 is the year we will start welcoming creepy crawlies into our kitchens. It might take some time for the West to cotton on but if you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll know that bugs are a big hit as they are also a rich source of protein! Rustic and casual styling dominate food presentation; there’s the cooking and eating the whole animal craze and the idea less is more extends to packaged foods such as gluten-free, pesticide-free and hormone-free.

Ludicrous dieting is out, it’s all about balance and moderation. Artisinal beer, breads, coffee and chocolate step aside for artisinal candy and Spanish cuisine is set to rule the roost at gourmet food markets. We also see the return of lowbrow foods to highbrow status and comfort food is king: pies, burgers and casseroles are all in vogue!

And after just learning how to say quinoa (keen-wa) we are introduced to freekeh (free kuh) – an ancient grain full of fibre which cooks quickly, and millet – a gluten-free, protein-rich, high fibre superfood. While all these trends are creating waves, we’ve picked out the next five as our favourite for 2015.

1. High-fat – For most, fat ranks high on the no-no list but 2015 could be the year that a significant number of consumers get over their fat phobia. Expect more high-fat dairy products, more fat-celebrating meat purveyors, and higher fat foods to hit restaurant menus and grocery stores. It appears that the fear of fat that we’ve lived under for so long has been silly and it’s not just because of a quest for flavour but also because natural fat is an essential part of a healthy diet. You can enjoy smashed avo on white, brown or rye at Pure Good.

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2. Matcha – A finely ground green tea powder made from the entire tea leaf, which means it’s loaded with antioxidants! This year we will be adding this powder to our list of smoothie boosters!matcha-green-tea

3. Root Vegetables – Cauliflower, the vegetable du jour of 2014, will share the stage with other root vegetables as they step into the spotlight. Cue radishes, celery, and parsnips – who needs potatoes, anyway? Enjoy a variety of root vegetable juices at Pure Good.


4. Hemp Seeds – offering a nutty flavour with a nutritional kick of omega 3s! Keep your eyes on our menu – hemp seeds are on the way to it.


5. Local Meat – While we’ve seen an increase in local produce, local beer and local grains it’s predicted that the big story of 2015 will be an increase in local meat. With menus boasting grass-fed beef to free-range bacon, restaurants are celebrating local meat just as passionately as local drafts. Every Friday is #WozaFriday at Pure Good where you can enjoy a local beef burger with a heap of tasty toppings (burger toppings change weekly)!

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