Let’s talk about Eggs: Part 1.


There are literally hundreds of ways to live an eggselent life. Not only is it a top-notch breakfast ‘vibe-bringer,’ but the epic egg is also a perfect protein to incorporate into your lunch, dinner, dessert and ovvies, your brunch, babes. 

With so many wonderful ways to eggsperience your eggs, you best believe we’re sitting here struggling to narrow down our list of favourite combinations and preparation techniques.

So without further ado, here are the first of our four favourite #PureGood ways to eat yo’ eggs.

The Power Plate 

We recently gave #MondayMotivation a new name, the Pure Good Breakfast Power Plate. 

We’re not too fussed on the way the eggs should be prepped for this bad boy, and quite frankly it’s almost more fun to eat it scrambled one day and poached the next. We plate this puppy up with some sautéed spinach, grilled mushrooms, danish feta and a delicious dollop of our sundried tomato pesto.

Yes, it’s safe to say this mix is most certainly a round trip to Flavourtown, enjoy buddy. 


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The Scrambled Power

Shout out to all the low-carb breakfast lovers in the world. This scramble is your solution to success and a selection of simple flavours at it’s best. All you need is a fresh tomato, spinach, seeds, kale and of course, yo’ eggs. Smash the fresh ingredients in the pan for a little light heat-loving and then fold in your eggs until scrambled. Enjoy ⚡️the⚡️Power⚡️Up, pal. 


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The Breakfast Wrap 

Wrap city has a very real place in our Pure Good hearts – there’s literally nothing we wouldn’t try wrap up in a lightly toasted flat-circle of carb, AKA: A wrap. In our most popular wrap, we’ve got a balanced combo of scrambled egg, spinach, tomato and feta. Please note, this stylish breakfast friend is best eaten with your hands.



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The Fry Up

So all you need for this tasty plate is 🥓+🍳+🍅+🍞, classical classic at it’s best. One is never disappointed with a turn towards a traditional breakfast set-up. We love this Pure Good quickie breakfast so much that sometimes it even goes on special for R15. I know right… how very considerate and 2009 price-point of us!

Worried about splitting your yolk when it hits the pan? We feel you… so here’s a HOT TIP: Crack your egg on a flat surface lightly, not the corner of the pan or bowl like your Gran taught you, Soz Gran.  


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We hope you enjoyed your first official Pure Good eggsperience, and just to round things out we felt it would be totes applicable to include an egg hack video from our favourite kombuis-kween, Suzelle DIY. P.S. Did you know Suzelle just released a brand new recipe book? Head over to her site to check it out! Till next time!

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