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3 Health and Wellness TED Talks we love!

Most people love a good ol’ TED Talk. Looking for some inspiration, motivation or a new take on something you heard about at work? The famous TED and TEDx videos have quickly become a cavernous collection of videos designed to change the way you see the world in a couple o’ minutes.

Not sure you have the time? Why not switch your social media scrolling for a quick 12 minute video during lunch? Or put one on while you cook some food or, if you’re not in Cape Town, having a bath? Soz fam. To make this #PureGoodness easier for you to get stuck into, we’ve collated 3 of our favourite health and wellness talks below. Go on, bookmark this page and click play.

1. Carrots and cupcakes, Healthy eating made simple – Niki Bezzant

Of course we’d kick this off with a carrot video, especially after how much we swooned over this powerhouse vegetable in our recent carrot article here. We reckon you should watch Niki Bezzant, the editor-in-chief of Healthy Food Guide’s video because:

  • – You’ll get 6 simple points of healthy eating and living
  • – Niki will indulge you with the magical world of moderation, the underlying concept behind her guidelines
  • – Nikki will ensure you’ll learn how you can continue to consume your carrots, cupcakes or even Pure Good carrot cakes…  

2. Laura Vanderkam: How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

Ready to remove the terrific excuse we all love to fall back on from your daily vocab, doll? We recommend you watch  video so you can stop saying ‘I don’t have any time,’ and start saying, ‘agh yah, I dunno, I guess I just learnt how to prioritise my non-negotiables.’ We reckon you should watch Time Management Expert, Laura Vanderkam because:

  • – There are 168 hours in each week. When last did you check if you’re using them for what truly matters most?
  • – Laura studied how ‘busy and important’ people spend their lives, and she’s discovered we’re not nailing our ration of commitments vs time
  • – Laura shares some epic strategies to help you build the life you want in the time you’ve got

3. Teach every child about food – Jamie Oliver

An oldie but a goodie, but boy oh boy do we love our Jamie! At Pure Good we’re passionate about educating our customers, public and team about healthy eating. We couldn’t share a health and wellness ted Talk list without including Jamie’s powerful TED prizewinning story from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va. We reckon you’ll watch, rewatch and share this Jamie Oliver classic because:

  • – It’s a timeless masterpiece with diabetes and health issues information that’s still prevalent in both your local and global community
  • – Jamie has a special way of packaging problems and encouraging the effort of individuals to help solve this problem. What’s better than inspirational food education for families?
  • – It’s Jamie.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Pure Good collection. Stay tuned for another indulgent instalment!

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