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Shannon Smuts Brauer

Shannon Smuts Brauer

Customer Crush: Sarah Kate Hathorn

On the left… Meet Sarah Kate, AKA ‘Skate.’ She works in the Marketing department at 2U Cape Town and has been a Customer and Pure Good fan since Sept ’17.


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When Sarah is not sitting with her fellow Pure Good Lunch Club Loyalists, she can always be found grabbing a juice on-the-go to a quick meeting or sneaking a packet of salty and delish corn nibs to aid her ‘hangry management‘. We caught up with Skate recently to learn more about her Pure Good routine and why she’s a carrot fan!

First things first, so our readers can press play and carry on reading… Skate, if you had to describe Pure Good in a song, what would it be?

So we hear you have a thing for our carrots…
Yes! Since eating at Pure Good I’ve discovered many new (revolutionary) ways of eating carrots.* My favourite juice is the Carro Cleanse and my favourite treat is your famous freshly baked Carrot Cake, perfect for an afternoon slump in the office.

*Sarah is referring to some of our 5 carrot dishes, here.

And being a busy and important working professional, we’re interested to know, how do you like to kickstart your day? 

I love starting my day with the FMY* – sweet brekky, all the way!

*Don’t Worry, Skate isn’t swearing at you, dear reader, the Pure Good FMY Breakfast is also more commonly known as Fruit, Muesli, Yoghurt. #FMY

Our menu, what three words would you use to describe it?
Fresh, wholesome, value-for-money.


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So when it’s lunchtime with working gals, what are you generally eating? 
The reliable Roast Master salad – it never lets me down! And I’m a massive fan of mixed roast veg.

Final question, have your previous ideas of what is “healthy” changed since you’ve been our customer?
Yes! Pure Good proves that the creation of organic, healthy (and delicious) food is more affordable and attainable than many people realise.

Thanks for the chat Skate! Guess we’ll see you soon for some carrots?


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