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Shannon Smuts Brauer

Shannon Smuts Brauer

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Get a Wonderbag for only R50

As supporters of eco-friendly living, Pure Good has partnered with Wonderbag to bring you the amazing eco cooking bag for only R50. That’s right, you are saving over R400 per bag, as well as saving money on electricity and gas and time standing over a stove!


Fill out this form https://forms.gle/ecBsAqgG2BXdnMaLA to reserve your bag for collection at the Pure Good Cafe on Tuesday the 14th December 2021 between 10 – 4pm. The best gift for mom, dad and anyone who loves to cook and save money! (They also keep beverages cold for hours, a great eco cooler bag for the beach). 

The Wonderbag Carbon Project aims to collect data from the usage of these bags and so only 2 bags per person is permitted. You need to bring your ID document to collect your bag and no collection on behalf of someone else. Please feel free to share this email with anyone who would benefit from this amazing deal, those who cook on gas and paraffin benefit the most. 

Pure Good will have recipes and cook-a-long videos available for you to access, to get the best use of your bag.

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