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When I made the decision a few years back to no longer include sugar and grains in my diet, the HARDEST part was going out for dinner and trying to find something on the menu that was sugar free, grain free or even gluten free!

I come from restaurant owning parents, so we spend more time in restaurants than my mother spends in the kitchen (sorry ma, its true though) and most of the time there are so many hidden sugars and grains in meals that initially sounded healthy but once broken apart are actually smothered in sugary syrups or thickened with wheat flours.

So I decided to see if we could do things differently to most restaurants with our bi-monthly Supper Club, which to date has been a huge sell out success! Supper Club offers exciting, guilt-free dishes and earlier this year we were lucky enough to be approached by Food & Home Magazine to partner on their March Eat The Cover dish! Low and behold, March’s dish is my absolute FAVOURITE guilty pleasure… RIBS, which will be exclusively served at Supper Club and made with a Pure Good twist!

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Now I learnt how to cook ribs from my dad who had the most famous rib recipe at his Kwa-Zulu Natal steak house High Steaks. What was the core ingredient to these delicious masterpieces? Coke-Cola. Yup, the most sugary of all sugary drinks! As you can imagine, putting a guilt-free spin on Food & Home’s STICKY ASIAN BEEF RIBS WITH SAVOY CABBAGE PANCAKES AND BOK CHOI was a challenge! There has been LOTS of experimenting and lots of trial and error but on the forth attempt we smashed it with no sugar used at all! Instead we have boiled down dates to create a sticky syrup, added a small amount of xylitol and even made our own sugar free Hoison sauce for the basting! Chuffed with myself? Telling my boyfriend he can eat as many ribs as he wants with none of the guilt… yeah, I am chuffed!

So here is our Supper Club menu for this coming Wednesday. The ribs will feature every week but other items are subject to change, fresh produce dependent.

All patrons who order two courses receive a complimentary bottle of wine per table of two people!


Carrot & Ginger Veloute with toasted seed bites & bacon crisp
Zuccini & Salmon fritters with mint tzaziki & fresh lemon dressed avocado
Slaw style red & white cabbage, matchstick carrots and orange zest aioli with grilled peaches, thyme vinaigrette and toasted cashews


Guilt Free Asian Ribs
Sticky asian beef ribs in soy and sugar free caramel with no grain savoy cabbage pancakes and bok choi

Free to Feast Fish Tacos
Pan fried angel fish with build your own sides of guacamole, fresh salsa, pickled red onion and crème fresh with carb free cauliflower soft tacos

Lentil Dahl
Slow cooked curried lentils with diced butternut, sweet potato & chicpeas with classic sambal and a crispy poppadum…. So good you’ll forget it’s vegetarian


Double thick greek yogurt with stewed stone fruit, toasted almond flakes and sprinkled with meringue dust

Green tea and Kale panne Cotte with  black sesame crisp and  ginger spiced honey reduction

Baked cheesecake with chocolate almond crust, vanilla yogurt parfet & fresh strawberries

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