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Shannon Smuts Brauer

Shannon Smuts Brauer

Ingredient Spotlight | Melons

This month, we’re all about melons. Recently we had both a watermelon salad and a watermelon juice at GetSmarter and our customers loved it! So let’s take a closer look at the kinds of melons you can use on a regular basis, as well as some of their benefits to your diet.


Everybody’s favourite Summer special – the watermelon is a sweet, tasty and wholesome snack. The best part? It’s indigenous to Southern Africa! Whether you’re eating it on it’s own or adding it to a salad – this fruit is the perfect ingredient to add to any dish, sweet or savoury.

Benefits of watermelon:
  • It keeps you hydrated – with 92% of a watermelon being made up of water, it’s no wonder people love to indulge during the hot Summer months.
  • Watermelon contains lycopene, an important factor in improving your cardiovascular health. Consuming watermelon helps to relax blood pressure and has even been known to lower your stress levels.
  • Balance: watermelon contains a good mix of nutrients but it is also low in calories, giving you what you need without the guilt.

Honeydew melon

Fresh or in a fruit salad, the honeydew melon or honeymelon is another fan favourite. This juicy fruit is identified by a firmer texture and green colouration. Not as sweet as the watermelon, you’ll find you can eat honeydew melon on end.

Benefits of the honeydew melon:
  • One cup of honeydew melon is enough to give you 34% of the recommended Vitamin C intake, giving your immune system a boost and helping you stay in the sun and not stuck in bed.
  • It can help you see better! Two of the most important factors for your eyes are lutein and zeaxanthin and they’re both found in honeydew melon. These nutrients can help you avoid eye-related risks like cataracts and macular degeneration.

spanspek benefits


Breakfast in the December holidays wouldn’t be the same without spanspek. This orange member of the melon family is the sweetest and to the rest of the world, it’s known as cantaloupe or muskmelon.

Benefits of spansek
  • Eating more spansek can make you sleep better. A special compound found in spanspek helps to relieve anxieties and causes muscle relaxation – culminating in a better night sleep.
  • Spanspek contains beta-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A. Your body’s turns the beta-carotene into Vitamin A, using it to stimulate the membrane on skin cells and helps you to repair damaged skin.
  • It can make your period more bearable! Spanspek has been known to decrease bleeding during menstruation but also helps the healthy development of the fetus in pregnant women.

Curious about what you can use melons for? Have a look at our melon and prosciutto skewers, our watermelon and champagne granita or our melon rubix cube salad (combining the flavours of all our favourite melons).

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