Pure Good Food

The Boys are Back! 

Really enjoying how enthusiastic the new youth are during our cooking sessions! Yesterday we made chocolate cupcakes for Kirsty as it was her last day on the farm, while we caught up over tea, I left them on their own to see if they could work as a team and get the cupcakes done without me!

After a few mishaps, loss of attention and the cupcakes going in 30 mins after they were supposed to (stern lecture on time wasting and doing things properly), we pulled out 24 fantastic cupcakes and the boys iced them beautifully! Creamy is blowing me away with his attention to detail and general talent in the kitchen, Thabo, Aphiwe, Gareth, Aphiwe 2 and the girls, Cailyn and Nomsa were all great and I was so proud of them for completing a task set out for them so well!

Here are some pics and videos of yesterday and some previous week’s of cooking at the Farm.

This video ended me “Chocolate and Brown Chocolate”

  Creamy the new head chef
  Thabo cracking eggs
  Aphiwe’s poached egg on beetroot rosti
Gareth’s masterpiece!

Cailyn and Melanie picking Rosemary
  Savannah, Melanie, Cailyn, Aphiwe, Aphiwe, Mbu and Thabo in the background! 
  Matt passing on his mad skills 

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