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Shannon Smuts Brauer

Shannon Smuts Brauer

The truth about your favourite chocolate brands

There’s no getting around it. Everyone is a sucker for chocolate. Whether it’s an everyday indulgence or a treat once a month, people have been enjoying chocolate in different shapes and forms for centuries.

We’ve been told it’s not good for us but we can’t help ourselves anyway. But here’s the thing: not all chocolate is bad for you. In fact, some chocolates can significantly improve certain aspects of your health. Chocolate can do a fair amount for your body – decreasing your risk of a stroke and acting as a natural mood improver to get you feeling more positive.

The important thing to know is what to avoid, and which brands and flavours you can indulge in.

Worst chocolates for your health:

You need to stay away from the following if you’re serious about your health:

  • Snickers – they are loaded with caramel (which is effectively just sugar) and the peanuts had a significant calorie count which isn’t good if you’re watching your weight.
  • Twix – same story as a Snickers: these bad boys taste so good because they are packed with caramel. Add that with the biscuit base and you’ve had your sugar intake for a while!
  • Bar One – these classic favourites have 10mg of fat. Avoid them if you want to watch your waistline.
  • Aero – don’t be fooled by the bubble centre, an Aero still packs a punch with 220 calories and is a sugar overload waiting to happen.

Best chocolates for your health:

You’ve probably heard it before but we can’t stress it enough – when someone talks about the benefits of chocolates they are talking about dark chocolate. When you’ve got a craving, you need to set yourself on these brands if you want to indulge with the added benefit of lower blood pressure, decreased sugar cravings and improved cognitive abilities.

Snack on these dark chocolate brands instead:

  • Lindt – aim for one of their dark chocolate ranges. They’ve everything from 70% to 99% depending on your appetite for that bitter flavour.
  • Godiva – they have a bar that is 72% cacao and has almonds in it to give you crunch as well as some healthy fats.
  • Woolworths – Woolies have a bar that also contains 72% cacao and use a vanilla pod to give it an extra boost of flavour.

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