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What Lungi Learnt: Part 5

With only two week’s left of the Getsmarter Restaurant Management Course, we sat down to ask Lungi what she has learnt about time management, how her job and course support each other and her plans for the future.

Working a full time job and studying is a big load. How do you manage your time?

It’s hard to have a permanent job and to work long hours because after a long day you have to work and do your assignments. Every day you must set aside four to five hours before you go to bed and you must make sure that you read all your notes and check the due dates of your assignments. Over the weekends you must make sure that on Sunday, the chill day Sunday, that you do all your assignments because they are usually due on Tuesdays so if you are working a permanent job you can’t do it on a Monday.

How is what you are learning in the course supporting your job and visa versa?

My full time job is helping me so much because the things that I’m learning are the things that I am doing. The course is helping me to do my job better because sometimes I break the rules like not weighing everything but the course is teaching me to make sure that I weighing thing and giving the right portions so that the company is not loosing money. I am also better able to communicate with the customers and up-sell!

You only have two weeks left of the course! When you are done, what’s do you hope to achieve next?

I’m definitely going to pass and I’m going to have that certificate! I’m going to make sure that Shannon is proud of me so that one day when she opens her next restaurant she can put me in charge to manage it.

Here is a short video of Lungi. We’ve said next she could consider TV presenting!

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