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I love my Wonderbag, and have even done a slow roast leg of lamb, in the boot, on the 10 hour drive to Port Alfred for Christmas. The uses are endless!

What’s a Wonderbag? The first portable, non-electric slow cooker, founded in South Africa in 2008. And ever since, its been changing the way communities cook around the world! With the help of this revolutionary cooking device, Wonderbag has helped to lower the disease and death rate attributed to indoor air pollution from cooking fires while freeing up time spent cooking. Sound wonderful? It is! Wonderbag is on a mission to create a healthier cooking environment for billions, one household, one village, one community at a time.

Butter chicken curry, about to be slow cooked in the wonderbag!

It all started when Sarah Collins couldn’t sleep. It was 2008 and rolling blackouts had darkened the city of Johannesburg. There were severe, ongoing energy shortages throughout South Africa, and everyone was affected. It was during one of these blackouts that Sarah leapt out of bed at two in the morning – she knew how she was going to defeat load shedding and furthermore economical cooking. That night of the blackout, Sarah flashed back to her childhood. Growing up on a farm in a remote part of the country, she had watched her grandmother bundle blankets and cushions around a hot pot of stew to keep it cooking and conserve her limited fuel. She also remembered watching the San people bury food in the ground while they were cooking and thought to herself that her sudden brainwave was actually the oldest technology in the world! The next day, Sarah created the prototype for her heat-retention cooker, the Wonderbag, where fter food is brought to a boil, the pot is placed into this heavily-lined bag where it slow-cooks for up to eight hours!

“Finding firewood for cooking takes a huge amount of rural women’s time,” explains Sarah, “and gathering it is very dangerous. The wood fires used to cook then cause indoor pollution, a leading cause of death worldwide in children under five. Having the Wonderbag would empower the women to feed their families, generate an income, and save them time.”

Sarah has travelled across countries and continents, meeting leaders, dignitaries, and captains of industry to promote the Wonderbag. Five years later, she has sold or donated more than 700,000 Wonderbags throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America; but her journey has just begun. Sarah’s new goal is to sell one hundred million Wonderbags worldwide, helping over a billion families. Interested in participating in the Wonderbag community by giving a Wonderbag? You can donate a bag directly to the Wonderbag Foundation and make an incredible impact on the lifestyle of a family in need. Once desperate and deprived of resources, these women now need less fuel and water to prepare meals for their families. The health of their families improves as smoke inhalation is decreased and threats of burns from cooking fires are minimized. And by freeing up time spent cooking, the Wonderbag gives back time for family, community and even income earning potential, transforming lives of women around the globe. You can donate to the cause here

Picture from Wilderness Safaris

Best news? We sell Wonderbags from our cafeterias and online.

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